Microsoft Edge 92 will introduce automatic HTTPS option in July

It’s not May yet, and the Microsoft Edge team is already thinking about what features they’ll add in July. From version 92, this browser will be even more secure for users with automatic HTTPS security.

Microsoft Edge 92 will automate HTTPS in July

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 92, users who open websites that use the HTTP protocol will automatically be redirected to a secure HTTPS connection. This feature is currently in development and, based on information available in Microsoft 365, suggests that it will begin rolling out on the Stable channel at the end of July (according to Bleeping Computer).

It looks like this will initially be an optional feature and users will need to configure it in settings. “Starting with Microsoft Edge version 92, users will have the option to upgrade their browsing from HTTP to HTTPS in areas that may support this more secure protocol. This support can also be configured to attempt delivery over HTTPS for all domains. More secure connections help protect customers against man-in-the-middle attacks, ”the company explained on the Microsoft 365 website.

For those of you who don’t know what HTTP and HTTPS are, it’s very simple, it’s web protocols to establish a connection. They establish a connection between a server and a browser, but HTTPS is an advanced version of HTTP in which an encrypted connection is used between the server and the browser.

This change is intended to help users protect their sensitive information, such as credit card information or passwords, from theft. Recently this feature has reached Firefox and Google Chrome and now Microsoft Edge is doing the same to keep our information safe. We hope that the trials will continue and that we can sail more safely very soon.

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