Microsoft Edge already has more than 600 million users

We finally know the data on the impact the new Microsoft Edge has had. We knew the change in strategy had been helpful for the Redmond giant. After ditching their own engine, they switched to Chromium, which many of us initially criticized. But the switch to Chromium and its renewal in smartphones has worked very well. Such is the impact it has even reached in Linux.

Microsoft Edge reaches 600 million users

This change in strategy seems to have paid off. According to a Microsoft job listing, the Edge browser has now reached 600 million users. In the job posting for a senior software engineer working on Microsoft Edge, the company states:

Microsoft Edge said some time ago that it will make the web better through open source collaboration, while promising to continue to inspire users to do more. With general availability, Edge has already reached 600 million customers and takes a new approach to navigation by putting the end user at the center and knowing the user where they are, delivering on Windows 10, lower level Windows , Mac and Android.

The job posting does not specify what defines a user. Saying that the browser “has already reached 600 million customers” does not indicate how many people use it as their primary browser or how many people use it regularly.

Regardless of how many people use Edge as their primary browser, Microsoft is clearly interested. The company regularly tests and applies new features to the browser, such as browser history and tab syncing that have recently started rolling out.

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