Microsoft Edge Canary on Android now helps us with purchases

Microsoft Edge Canary has just arrived on Android and is already starting to stand out in this operating system. It looks like the Microsoft Edge team wants to recapture and surpass the numbers of yesteryear. A few days ago the Beta and Canary versions of Microsoft Edge arrived on Android and now it seems that they are working on some important new features to improve our navigation from our smartphone.

Your best price shopping in Microsoft Edge on Android

Two features already present for Edge in Windows 10 have reached their version on Android. Reverse image search and shopping functions are also coming to our smartphone.

As usual, this was found by our reader Leo Varela, who posted it on Reddit. to enable these functions we need to go to edge: // flags then go to the # edge-coupons-enable option. After restarting the browser we will see the option “Coupons” in the general characteristics and, just when it is activated, it can be easily deactivated.

As the name suggests, Edge Canary Coupons basically tell us about any discount coupons available for the website we’re on. At the time of purchase, touching the purchase tag icon in the address bar will allow us to see if there are any valid coupons that we can apply to our purchase. Edge can also automatically apply coupons which will give us the highest discount.

This shopping feature has been enabled by default in Edge 87 for PC since its release in November 2020. Now it looks like it’s coming to mobile devices too, naturally. This feature is available on devices running Canary Edge build 92.0.884.0. Notably, it doesn’t look like an A / B test. All users have the option to activate the aforementioned news from Edge’s hidden menu.

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