Microsoft Edge continues to gain users and is already surpassing Firefox

The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge was released in January 2020 and has only grown and received rave reviews. Now, thanks to Statcounter, we get some interesting data about Edge sharing, both globally and on the desktop. Let’s analyze them!

Microsoft Edge: from chrome to heaven

According to data from said website, Microsoft Edge would have a sizeable 8.03% share in March 2021. Considering that in March 2020 the share was 0.57% (two months after the browser launch) , the growth has been phenomenal. For the first time, Edge leaves Firefox behind, which remains at 7.95%. Just above would be Safari with 10.11% and far from all Google Chrome, dominant with 67.14%.

According to Statcounter, this data also takes into account laptops, not just desktops. Data from Edge and its strong growth in recent months suggests that Safari has its numbered days in second place and will be overtaken sooner or later.

While the data is very good for its first year, Edge still needs and deserves to grow a lot more. The pre-installation of the browser on all Windows 10 devices following the latest updates (especially since October 2020) has greatly boosted its growth. Will you be able to keep up a good pace this year and grab the attention of new users? He has yet to prove it.

Microsoft Edge has reinvented itself and, in addition to renewing its logo, it has adopted the open source Chromium project on which other browsers such as Google Chrome, Brave or Opera are based. It performs better than ever and offers some unique features that set it apart from the competition.

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