Microsoft Edge copies to Google Chrome, updated every 4 weeks

The impact of Microsoft Edge on users has been incredible. Once again, Chrome had laid a very good foundation for Internet Explorer’s worst time by offering something different.

But as it often happens, it had settled in and Chromium-based Microsoft Edge showed how to do it. The Redmond giant has managed to grab attention with its new browser and many have taken the plunge. Now they’re going to look like Google Chrome’s development cycles, keeping them at four weeks.

Microsoft Edge will be updated every four weeks

The reality is that we usually use the Canary or Dev versions to increase the frequency of updates so that we can tell you everything that is going on. But it’s great news that Microsoft Edge update times are getting shorter.

“As collaborators of the Chromium project, we look forward to the new 4-week launch cycle cadence announced by Google to help deliver this innovation to our customers even faster,” the Microsoft Edge team said Friday.

This change will happen in Edge 94 which is expected to arrive by September. This date is a little more precise than that of Google which indicated that it will take place during the third quarter, but without saying when.

Like Google, Microsoft will also offer businesses a longer update period. The extended schedule will allow us to update every eight weeks. The rest of the users will have a monthly update.

It is always interesting to see how the Edge adapts wonderfully to the changes proposed by Google. In addition, competition in the field of browsers is important so that Google does not monopolize this field.

We will see if Microsoft can continue to regain market share. We would also like Firefox to regain its relevance, but it gets more complicated every day.

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