Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary Allow PDF Comments

Since Microsoft made the leap from EdgeHTML to Chromium-based Edge, the company has been slowly bringing legacy Edge functionality to its new offering. These include the new web capture tool, PDF enhancements such as underline options. Small improvements like download options and much more. Now another feature is coming to the Dev and Canary channels.

Comment your PDFs from Microsoft Edge

Users can now open PDF documents in Edge and highlight parts of the PDF. Added a text note from the right mouse button context menu for the selected text. Comments, similar to notes, can be easily deleted. Directly from the comment box via the delete icon.

Additionally, users can not only add comment by selecting a new text string, but also directly right-clicking on already highlighted text in a PDF. Once the note is added, a small comment icon appears next to the highlighted text, which you can hover over to read the comment.

The Redmond giant says it brought the feature – which was added to the June roadmap – due to user feedback. A nice improvement to this would be an addition to the table of contents which lists notes for easier detection in longer PDF files. It will be interesting to see if this is something that reaches the browser in future versions.

Since the feature is only just starting to show up on the Canary and Dev builds, it will take some time before it hits the beta channel and eventually all users. But, it is on the right track so that soon the rest of the users can enjoy this improvement in Microsoft Edge and possibly in Chrome.

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