Microsoft Edge Dev is updated to version 88.0.702.0

We’re already in mid-November with a new version of Microsoft Edge on the Dev channel. Version 88.0.702.0 is now available. A new version with some new features that we will show you below.

Hello, initiates! Our last Dev Channel update for the month is rolling out. You should see version 88.0.702.0 shortly, and with it includes PDF updates and updates for history management. You can read these changes in Josh’s summary on our forums:

– Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) November 17, 2020

Microsoft Edge Dev is updated to version 88.0.702.0

Added features

The ability to add text notes to PDF files has been added. Please note that support is limited to Windows at this time. Added Edge’s ability to proactively find and display coupons while shopping. Please note that this feature is not available for work and school accounts. Wider support for automatic bookmark deduplication. Now, deduplication occurs every time favorites are synced to the device. Added the ability to take a screenshot of the entire webpage using web capture settings. Added settings to Anchor Wizard to generate more default suggestions. Added support for site list in IE mode to be able to specify schemas (http / https) with host and path. Included new administration directives to configure whether standby tabs are enabled, for configure the timeout until they go to sleep and to configure the list of URLs that are blocked from going to sleep. Note that updates to administrative templates or documentation may not yet be available. Support for management policy enabled to block external Chromium extensions Updated Edge Icons to be more consistent with the Fluid Design scheme.

Performance improvement

Fixed an issue where adding a bookmark directly from the manage bookmarks page would sometimes crash the browser. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Edge to crash for the first time after restarting a device. Fixed An issue where using the Favorites menu would sometimes crash the browser. A crash was detected and fixed when closing the browser. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused PDF files to crash. Removed a crash when closing a PDF. No more crash when printing a PDF Fixed a crash when closing pop-ups.
Location and correction of a crash when shutting down the browser. Fixed an issue where signing in to a previously disconnected browser profile would sometimes crash the browser. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the F6 key to crash in the browser.
Removed a crash when closing the idle tab recognition dialog box. Fixed a crash when opening a PDF that ended up in an Application Guard window. Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented websites installed as apps from launching in Windows Server or other Windows accounts that trigger everything by default. Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in page crashes when loading. Fixed a crash when browsing websites. Removed a crash when shutting down the browser.

Behavior improvements

Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause an error when installing a website as an app if the site was already pinned to the taskbar. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Edge to be pinned to the taskbar a second copy of Edge would be produced in the taskbar. Fixed an issue that prevented the comment dialog from appearing.
Removed the cause of adding a site to the “Do not delete” list in the settings to clear cookies and other site data when the browser is closed, sometimes an error occurs. Changed a bug that caused drag and drop Favorites to rearrange from the Favorites menu would sometimes drop to a different location than shown or expected. Fixed the issue where the audio playback indicator on a tab would sometimes not appear for certain media types. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused an error when sorting or filtering cookies on the cookie management page. Fixed an issue that caused a web capture to close too quickly after copying it, sometimes causing a copy error. Fixed an issue where the Guided Switch would sometimes open the wrong page when links were redirected from personal profiles to work / school profiles. Addressed and removed an issue where browses redirecting to full IE left a blank tab in Edge. We discovered and fixed an issue that prevented business policy from setting the default print paper size value. We have found and fixed what sometimes caused the information protection icon to appear in the address bar when it did not. Fixed an issue that prevented some UI texts from being applied when using custom themes. Left Deprecated admin policy to enable proactive authentication Temporary removal of the ability to pin an installed website as an app to the desktop or Start menu from edge: // apps. Note that generic websites can still be pinned to the taskbar and start menu of…> other tools.

Known bugs for this release

Some extensions, such as the Microsoft Editor extension, do not work on Linux. As soon as they are installed, they are locked and deactivated. We are investigating. Users of some ad blocking extensions may experience playback errors on YouTube. As a workaround, temporarily disabling the extension should allow playback to continue. Some users still come across an issue where all tabs and extensions immediately crash with STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH error. The most common cause of this error is outdated security or antivirus software from vendors such as Symantec, and in this case, updating this software will resolve the issue. Kaspersky Internet Suite users who have the associated extension installed can sometimes view the web pages as Gmail is not loading. This error is caused by the fact that the main Kaspersky software is out of date, so it is fixed by ensuring that the latest version is installed. Some users see bookmarks duplicated after some previous fixes were made in this area. The most common way to trigger this issue is to install Edge’s stable channel and then sign in with an account that has already signed in to Edge. After a recent initial fix, some users still see windows go completely black. User interface pop-ups such as menus are not affected. Also, opening the browser task manager (via shift + esc) and killing the GPU process usually fixes it. Note that this only seems to affect users with certain hardware. Some users experience “jitter” behavior when scrolling using trackpad gestures or touch screens. Here, scrolling in one dimension also results in subtle page scrolling in the other. Note that this only affects certain websites and appears to be worse on some devices. This is probably related to the work in progress to bring the lag back to parity with Edge Legacy behavior. So if this behavior is not desirable, we can temporarily disable it. Disabling the edge flag: // flags / # edge-experimental-scrolling There are some issues where users with multiple audio output devices sometimes get no sound from Edge. In some cases, mute and re-enable sound to resolve this issue. In another, restarting the browser fixes it.

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