Microsoft Edge improves notifications in Windows 10

While many have criticized the decision to ditch EdgeHTML, the truth is that since the company’s browser switched to the Chromium rendering engine, things couldn’t be better. As evidenced by the fact that the browser is regaining ground and already reaches a usage quota of 10%.

Without a doubt, this is possible thanks to the incredible work the company does. That and the fact that with this Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, we don’t have to wait for the next big Windows 10 update to receive new features in the browser.

Don’t miss any notifications in Microsoft Edge

Thus, the company has just released an update to Microsoft Edge with which the notification system is improved. Until now, when we were using our equipment, different website notifications could appear in the upper area of ​​our screen. Some notifications that were not received when the browser is closed.

A limitation which, as you can imagine, could cause us to miss an important notification. Something the company headed by Satya Nadella has addressed with the new version of Microsoft Edge. In this way, thanks to this new function, users can always choose to continue to receive notifications and alerts in real time. Whether or not they have the browser open.

New badges for pinned pages

Another interesting novelty that accompanies this update of Microsoft Edge are the new badges, which will make it easier to identify the pages that we have docked in the taskbar. A more than important feature for all of us who use PWAs or progressive web apps.

These new features are available to all users of Windows 10 version 20H1 or higher on Microsoft Edge 85 or Edge 87. So here are some more excuses to switch to the Redmond browser. What do you think of this news? What are you missing in this new Microsoft Edge?

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