Microsoft Edge incorporates a shortcut to vertical tabs

Time and time again, we’ve talked about how Microsoft Edge is moving away from Google Chrome not just in terms of design, but functionality as well. In addition to Collections, another key element is vertical tabs. They allow us to have another way of viewing the Web and to comfortably access the various browser tabs.

But it’s not always the most comfortable sailing option. We have times when we are interested in the classical arrangement. To do this we need to go to the button on the top left and turn them on or off. Now the Edge team has implemented a keyboard shortcut, as reported by Leo Varela.

Vertical tabs are now more accessible than ever in Edge

As usually happens, this keyboard shortcut can be found in Microsoft Edge Canary, although it should reach the rest of the versions soon. Microsoft doesn’t want errors, and even the smallest changes are tested in every version of the browser. This new shortcut, Control + Shift + Comma, allows us to switch between vertical and horizontal tabs in seconds.

This way, this function is more accessible and allows us to access it quickly with this new shortcut. It might sound silly, but having an associated keyboard shortcut makes it easier to use these most common functions.

We continue to see how Microsoft Edge continues to grow, and with the retirement of Internet Explorer, the new browser takes over the stripes of the old Internet Explorer. We hope that Microsoft has done its homework and that Microsoft Edge can replace Explorer in the old stocks.

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