Microsoft Edge is also coming to Windows Store 11

The Redmond giant continues to work on reviving the app store in Windows 11. We first saw the arrival of win32 apps such as Adobe Reader, VLC and others, now there is an app that doesn’t was not previously allowed in the Microsoft Store, browsers. Microsoft Edge becomes available through the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Edge takes the plunge to the Microsoft Store

As they say, companies must lead by example. And Microsoft itself has started offering its win32 apps through the Microsoft Store. As we have already indicated on occasion, there is no difference between the different versions but the Microsoft Store offers us a secure download place to download the applications.

Once downloaded we have the classic Microsoft Edge installer and the process is similar to installing through an installer. However, it seems like the act of downloading an installer and opening it is a thing of the past.

This is not only interesting for Microsoft Edge but also for the possible arrival of other browsers like Firefox, Opera or Chrome on the Microsoft Store. This will add credible apps to you and allow Microsoft to remove the myriad of questionable quality apps that bugged and tampered with the store.

The Redmond giant has already included its browser extensions in the Microsoft Store and some believe this could be the motivation for browser updates from the store. Of course, it looks like now the store is starting to have big apps, it’s about time it worked. We will see if Microsoft manages to convince developers and users to go through the store to download their applications after the umpteenth attempt.

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