Microsoft Edge is starting to render its fonts better

Usually a browser helps us read, we read articles, recipes, news, tips, advice and countless other things. That’s why the team behind Microsoft Edge set out to improve text rendering and improve its contrast and gamma correction. As always, this new feature comes first in Microsoft Edge Canary.

Fonts rendering in Microsoft Edge will be much sharper

If you’re one of those people who has been eagerly awaiting an improvement in font rendering in Microsoft Edge, you’re in luck. Microsoft has heard your cries and is improving contrast and gamma correction. The best experience starts in Microsoft Edge Canary and travels through different channels until it’s available to all users. Then we leave Microsoft’s comments on this to you on the official blog:

β€œIn the latest versions of Canary, support is now provided for applying system settings for contrast enhancement and text gamma correction. You can activate it with the flag flag: // flags # edge-enhance-text-contrast ”.

So here’s a little improvement announcement, easy to activate and that a lot of people have been waiting for. We just remind you that at the moment it is being tested in Microsoft Edge Canary.

Rendered with the default contrast (100). Left ClearType and right Grayscale Rendering with maximum contrast (400). On the left, ClearType and on the right, Grayscale

To give a bit of context on why this change was made, we need to see how Microsoft Edge Legacy displayed the text. Like many native Windows apps, Microsoft Edge Legacy used the DirectWrite framework to display characters on the screen. The advantage of using DirectWrite is that certain system-wide user settings are honored and the same render pipeline is used in all other native Windows applications.

Chromium, on the other hand, only uses DirectWrite for part of the text rendering pipeline: enumerating fonts, retrieving character information, and generating character bitmaps; controls the formatting, layout, and rendering of your text. This allows code reuse across multiple platforms, but on Windows the results are often different from the rest of the text representation on the system.

The goal is to offer this new functionality even in Chromium to improve text in all Chromium-based browsers. Additionally, the Edge team expects it to reach all Edge users in version 92.

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