Microsoft Edge launches new floating menu for downloads

Like other sections of Microsoft Edge, it looks like downloads will have a floating menu. The change to Chromium allowed Redmond to incorporate as many features as other browsers. As you will assume for now, it is tested in Microsoft Edge Canary.

Floating download menu comes to Edge Canary

If you are using the Canary version, you will now see downloads in a floating drop-down menu. This means that we can more easily access all the files that we have downloaded. We could do that by hitting the three dot menu and clicking on downloads. Although we can also dock the download button if we use it a lot. Below you can see what the new download interface looks like.

As you can see from the pictures we have shown you, managing downloads is now much easier. We will be able to control downloads, pause, resume and access them with just one click. In addition, you can also more easily remove any item from the list of downloaded files. Of course, we remind you that it is currently available for the Edge Canary channel.

A small improvement that unifies the menu for the different categories. So, downloads, collections, favorites and history use this floating menu. Another sign that Microsoft Edge is carving out a distinct image and personality from Chrome.

The bad news is that with Microsoft Edge’s development times, it will take around two months to see these features in the stable channel. But we are happy to see the dynamism of the Edge team. We used to have annual updates and now we have updates much more frequently.

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