Microsoft Edge now lets you add screenshots to collections

We have already told you several times how Microsoft has managed to distance itself from Google Chrome despite the fact that Edge is based on Chromium. The best example, but not the only one, are the Collections which have continued to improve since their announcement. Now there is a cool feature waiting for the ability to add screenshots to collections.

Microsoft Edge Canary incorporates the ability to add snapshots to collections

The Collections already allowed us to add images, web pages and notes and order them to our liking. But often we don’t need the full picture, we only need part of it.

That’s why Microsoft Edge includes its own tool for taking screenshots. By invoking this functionality using Ctrl + Shift + S once we have made the cut, we can send it to a collection as we can see in the image.

This has great potential for leveraging Microsoft Edge collections even more. In other words, at the moment it is not possible to cut a PDF file. We can only do this on normal web pages. It partly limits what we can do.

Very interesting this new feature which considerably improves the collections. Unfortunately, another area where you can improve yourself is when exporting them to OneNote. We hope that in future versions we will see improvements as we have already suggested to the Microsoft Edge team. It is a feature with great potential which still has many points for improvement.

The next point is that it passes the various tests in order to progress through the various development channels. From that point on, we were able to see other improvements in Microsoft Edge Canary related to collections. The team behind the browser is not resting and you can see it with the endless amount of news we are posting on Edge.

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