Microsoft Edge now lets you sync your history between devices

Microsoft Edge begins a new stage. Now, it allows you to synchronize all the elements that had been offered since its launch. The company announced today that the feature, which was previously available to some insiders, is now available on the Dev and Canary channels.

Microsoft Edge starts syncing history

The company has also made improvements to the way users access history in the browser. Like the favorites menu, a pop-up window will now appear whenever a user opens the browser history.

The history window has several options. This includes history, recently closed tabs, as well as tabs opened on other devices. Microsoft Edge will remember the last option we used the next time we sign in.

“The new historic experience is designed to simplify this process. Opens at the top of the current web page. From there we can just click on our history and see how the page loads in the background. When we find the page we want, just click anywhere outside the history menu to close it, ”explained William Devereux of the Edge team.

With the new history experience, users will be able to add the history icon to the toolbar alongside the Collections and Favorites buttons for quick access. To do this, go to the history menu and click on the history menu button (…) then select the “Show history in the toolbar” button.

Users can easily show / hide the history button at any time, and they can also customize its toolbar from the Appearance page in Settings. There is also an option to pin history to the side of the screen.

Finally, the browser now remembers the last 25 tabs and windows the user closed during the last session, making it a bit easier to return to where we left off. It should be noted that this feature is currently in development and the company will continue to hear comments while it is in preview. We hope that the new story experience will be released on the stable channel soon in a future release.

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