Microsoft Edge prepares a “Performance Mode” for low-end computers

Microsoft Edge has become the latest browser sensation. The renewed Microsoft browser now offers the best possible alternative to the hegemony of Google Chrome. It is thanks to the tireless work of its developers, who have managed to build a 10 inch browser in record time. Today, they are working on a novelty focused on low cost equipment: “Performance Mode”.

Edge wants to convince low-end users

Source: Microsoft

Edge developers have always shown special concern that the browser works perfectly on all types of devices. They know that it is not permissible to build a great browser on powerful computers, but that it leaves something to be desired on the worst. To this end, they have introduced new features such as “wait tabs”.

Now it looks like the Edge team is ready to introduce another feature aimed at improving the performance of less powerful computers. This is the “Performance Mode”, which is already tested in Edge Canary 91.0.856.0. Here’s how the Edge team defines this mode:

Performance mode helps you optimize speed, responsiveness, memory, processor, and battery usage. Improving performance will depend on the specifications of your equipment and your boating habits.

Contrary to what it may seem, the Performance mode does not seek to make our browser faster and to monopolize more resources, but on the contrary. According to the benchmarks that user Sergio shared with us, Performance mode reduces the consumption of browser resources to take the strain off our PC.

Edge without Performance Mode Edge with Performance Mode

So when we turn on the Performance mode, the browser will start using less CPU and RAM and spend less battery for the benefit of our PC. It is ideal for those who use computers with older or very low-end processors and have 4 GB of RAM.

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