Microsoft Edge regains ground on Chrome and reaches 10% share

Persistence is undoubtedly one of Microsoft’s strengths. For a long time, the Redmonds have been trying to find their place in the world of browsers. In recent years Internet Explorer has lost many users as people migrated to Google Chrome and Edge tried to fix it.

Finally, Microsoft has switched to the Chromium engine for Microsoft Edge, and the browser manages to better compete with its rivals. The latest browser market share figures for October 2020 are now available. And Chrome has lost market share to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge steals Google Chrome usage quota

The data comes from NetMarketShare. A business that keeps track of what internet browser users use to browse websites. According to the latest figures, it has a 10.22% desktop market share. That’s a decent gain from September, when Edge had an 8.84% market share.

The browser almost doubled its market share from 5.60%. This was held in the fourth quarter of 2019. This equates to a 4.62% year-over-year increase. Chrome still has a huge advantage over all other browsers on the market, but Edge is now in second place. In October, Chrome held 69.25% of the market.

The Edge browser is Firefox with 7.22% of the market, Internet Explorer is fourth with 5.57% of the market and Safari is fifth with 3.40% of the market. Chrome has a big advantage. Those in Mountain View invite other users to use their browser from their search engine and other services.

Google has also used questionable tactics to scare Edge users away by targeting messages to users recommending Chrome for security. At the same time, Microsoft is definitely hammering Windows users with attempts to get them to use the Edge browser.

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