Microsoft Edge will allow accent color change soon

Since Microsoft decided to ditch EdgeHTML and embrace the Chromium project with Edge, it has all been great reviews and praise for them. The new Microsoft Edge is more powerful and complete than ever thanks to a great development work on the very good foundation that is Chromium. Good proof of that is progress like the one we’ve seen today on the smart use of data Edge is going to make.

Edge Canary Now Lets You Enjoy New Accent Colors

Now, thanks to our colleagues Neowin, it’s come to our ears that Microsoft is testing accent colors in the latest version of Edge Canary. At the moment, this feature is hidden in an experimental flag that we need to activate if we want to test it. To do this, simply type “edge: // flags” in the Edge Canary address bar and activate the “edge-color-theme-picker” option.

Once this is done, an “Accent Color” section will be enabled in the personalization section of Microsoft Edge settings. From this moment we can choose between 15 colors which will be applied to the title bar, tools and new tab page. This takes place regardless of whether we are using the light or dark theme. The accent colors are currently in an experimental stage, so hopefully it will take some time to get to the final version and there will be several bugs.


Everything indicates that these accent colors will work much more consistently than similar custom themes that we can download from the Edge store. The reason is that although in both cases the toolbar adapts to the new accent color, the Edge context menus of these themes are still “pinned” to the white or dark theme colors.

We can find this feature in Edge Canary build 89.0.731.0. We encourage you to download this preview version of the browser if you don’t mind testing new features in exchange for compromised performance and a host of possible errors.

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