Microsoft Edge will allow you to move tabs between different profiles

Microsoft’s browser on the Canary Channel now allows us to test a new experimental feature, which some of us have been waiting for. As Aaron Gustafson, director of programs at Microsoft, pointed out. The feature allows users to move tabs between different Edge profiles through the context menu.

If you’re running @MicrosoftEdge Canary and have multiple profiles, we’ve just started an experiment that would let you move a tab from one profile to another.

edge: // flags / # edge-move-tabs-to-profile-window

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– Aaron Gustafson (@AaronGustafson) November 25, 2020

Move Edge tabs between different profiles

For now, the ability to move a tab to another profile window should be enabled with an experimental flag. If you are running the latest version (89.0.711.0 or higher) of Canary, you can use this feature by following the steps below:

We write edge: // flags / # edge-move-tabs-to-profile-window in the address bar. From there, we change the drop-down list to “Enabled” and restart the browser to enable it. Once configured, and when we have multiple profiles open, right-click on the specific tab, then select “Move tab to (name of your profile)” from the context menu.

You can download the Microsoft Edge Canary channel from the Insider website and keep in mind that installing the different Insider versions of the browser will not replace the stable version.

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