Microsoft Edge will be available very soon on Apple Silicon

Apple has just released its first MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Minis powered by the company’s own M1 chips. These offer better performance compared to Intel Macs. These new Macs are able to run all existing Mac applications thanks to Apple’s new Rosetta 2 emulator. Although developers are encouraged to recompile their apps for the new ARM version of macOS Big Sur. And the Edge team accepts the invitation.

The Microsoft Edge team is already working at Apple Silicon

Microsoft is one of the supporters of the transition to Apple Silicon. Office for Mac will be one of the first professional toolsets to run natively on Apple Silicon. Microsoft’s new Edge browser is also expected to follow in his footsteps. The Edge team confirmed on Twitter yesterday that support for Apple’s ARM-based M1 chip is operational.

M1 support is in progress, stay tuned 😊

– Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) November 18, 2020

Microsoft already rebuilt its Edge browser for Windows 10 on ARM machines earlier this year. It’s no surprise that the team is now doing the same job for ARM-based Macs. Apple plans to upgrade its entire Mac lineup to its own chips over the next two years.

Mac developers will eventually have to recompile their applications in order to run natively on these new Macs. In addition to Mac apps, Apple’s new silicone Macs are also capable of running iPhone and iPad apps. This will significantly expand the ecosystem of Mac applications.

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