Microsoft Edge will better manage your data usage

Windows 10 can distinguish between a real Wi-Fi network and a limited Wi-Fi network. This feature is known as “metered connection” and enabling it means that background internet usage will be limited. Microsoft Edge will soon get smarter over limited connections.

When a connection is marked as “limited,” Windows will not automatically download and apply Windows 10 and Microsoft Store updates (except for important security fixes). It will also disable peer-to-peer updates and dynamic icons to save bandwidth.

Microsoft Edge accepts limited data connections

In addition to the above, Windows 10 UWP apps may behave differently when the metered login feature is active. A metered connection is an ideal way to better control your connection and prevent the operating system from consuming all of your bandwidth.

Microsoft is updating the open source Chromium platform by adding support for Windows 10 metered connection.

This will allow Chromium-based browsers (such as Edge and Chrome) to respect Windows 10 network settings and temporarily stop updates / downloads when you have a connection with limited data allowance.

As you can see from the attached screenshot, the feature is now available in Microsoft Edge Canary and will be available on Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers next year.

From Google, as this Chrome engineer demonstrates, this contribution is welcome and it is likely that the function will arrive soon on Chrome Canary:

“If we support the IsConnectionMetered () API via NetworkChangeNotifier, it would definitely be for the best,” he said.

As we mentioned earlier, the measured connection settings for Windows 10 give us better control over background internet activity. Chromium integration is particularly useful when using an Internet service with limited data.

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