Microsoft Edge will have a new design for Windows 11

Windows 11 has managed to grab the attention of many, for better and for worse. Now we see how it will not only have a renewed design in Microsoft Office, which is about time, but it will also come to Microsoft Edge. As usual, this information comes from Leo Varela who detects all the news that comes to Microsoft Edge.

New option would offer visual improvements in Edge in Windows 11

The new functionality is displayed via an indicator inside the edge: // indicators as an internal test item in Microsoft Edge Canary. At the moment, this change can be applied in both Windows 10 and Windows 11 and only offers a change in the font style and size and nothing else.

The change, which is very subtle, we can see in this picture by Leo Varela himself where the menus and the subtle difference between them are shown. In addition, when moving through menus, the area marked with the mouse will be displayed with a rounded edge finish compared to a straight cut.

Of course, this change could also be accentuated in future versions of Microsoft Edge Canary offering more substantial changes. We were unable to test it on Windows 11 because this option does not appear, so it seems like a test for some users. The Microsoft Edge team is probably working on improving the browser graphics in Windows 11.

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