Microsoft Edge will help us save on online shopping

Microsoft Edge continues to gain popularity with its new features. Over the past few days, we’ve seen how the new browser has managed to grab 10% of users and wrest market share from Google Chrome. Following the introduction of vertical tabs, capture tools and Internet Explorer compatibility, it will now help us save on online shopping.

Microsoft Edge will give us coupons to save on purchases

The latest update for Microsoft Edge, version 86.0.622.61, comes with the “Purchases” feature. This new feature is enabled by default after two months of testing in the browser’s Beta channel. This tool will provide us with coupons available for the web that we visit, which we can use to reduce our purchases.

This feature is a great combination for collections. Remember that by using collections we could add the same product from different sources and use it to compare prices. Now, in addition, we can lower the price of our purchases by having the one-click coupons at the top of the browser.

Shopping uses the Bing search engine to browse the most popular coupon sites and platforms. When you visit the site, Microsoft will check if you have any associated coupons and show us what options we have automatically. In case the feature was not activated, we can activate it as follows:

Open Microsoft Edge settings. Search for “Purchases”. Activate the option “Save time and money with purchases in Microsoft Edge”.

Microsoft announced a few months ago that this feature, known internally as “MSCollectionsPriceComparison”, would be available before the days when we spend the most money. In this way, we will have the Shopping functionality just before Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and the offers published by the different stores for Christmas and the beginning of the year.

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