Microsoft Edge will notify of saved resources when pausing tabs

While the engine change from EdgeHTML to Chromium has been widely criticized by much of the community, the truth is that time proves those in Redmond right. And it is that today’s Microsoft Edge has little or nothing to envy the previous browser.

The benefits of hanging eyelashes

One of the many features associated with the switch to Chromium was eyelash suspension. A feature that consists of pausing the scripts of a certain page when we haven’t accessed it for a long time and resuming it later by clicking on it.

And it is that if we look at the data offered by the company, thanks to the suspension of the tabs, Microsoft Edge is able to reduce the consumption of RAM memory by 26% and the use of the CPU by 29% compared to to a normal eyelash. A saving of resources which, as usual, also results in less battery consumption.

Currently only in Microsoft Edge Canary

However, and despite the fact that this function has been around for a long time, the company wants us to know all of its advantages. This is why, as indicated by our colleague Leo Varela, those of Redmond introduced in Microsoft Edge Canary in the tab preview a new map with which the resources saved while the tab was suspended will be displayed.

Despite the fact that, as we said before, tab suspension has been available in the browser for some time, information about saving resources at the moment is only available in Microsoft Edge Canary. What do you think of this news? Do you think users are aware of the resources they save by using Microsoft Edge to encourage them to use the browser?

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