Microsoft Edge will open sites incompatible with Internet Explorer

Microsoft continues to work for Internet Explorer to die, after the company stops adapting the standards of the old browser. Currently, Microsoft Edge is the latest browser developed by the company, with a Chromium-based engine that meets all current standards.

As part of Microsoft’s plans for Internet Explorer, the company has developed a list of sites that will automatically open in Microsoft Edge to avoid incompatibilities. That way, when using the old browser and accessing any of these URLs, the webpage will automatically load in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge will automatically open 1156 websites

Microsoft has tested this feature with some users since the release of Edge 84 last summer. However, this feature is slated to be enabled with Microsoft Edge 87, which is slated to launch next month. This change will affect users of 1,156 websites, who access using Internet Explorer.

The heart of this behavior is the ie_to_edge_bho.dll file, which was introduced with Edge 84 and loads in Internet Explorer every time the user opens the old browser. When accessing a website, the file reads the URL and compares it to see if it is in the list of incompatible sites. If it finds the address, launch the new browser to load the website.

Some of the most famous sites on the list include Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, StackOverflow, VK, ESPN, and GoDaddy. So, starting next month, every time a user goes to any of these sites, they will see Microsoft Edge open. After opening, an incompatibility notice will appear and indicate that the browser has been modified.

Although this is somewhat intrusive behavior, Microsoft has released group policies that allow you to turn off this feature. Remember that the software has an “IE Mode”, which increases compatibility with Internet Explorer, by canceling dependence on the old browser.

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