Microsoft Edge will soon have tabs and history sync

In one of the last videos of the year, we reported that there were two more things missing to activate in sync. On the one hand, the history of Microsoft Edge and on the other hand the tabs open in the browser.

Now, some users are reporting that the stable version of Microsoft Edge can sync browser history and open tabs between computers and devices. With this addition, Microsoft’s browser will finally support the full set of sync features. This happens almost a year after its initial launch.

Microsoft Edge manages to offer full sync with Android and iOS

So far, we haven’t seen any of our teams with these options enabled in the stable version. But, being something that depends on the server, it can be deployed gradually. The Redmonds are in the process of finalizing one of their pending areas and will soon be arriving a barrage of new features that they have tested in Microsoft Edge on the Canary and Dev channels.

You can access these settings in Edge by going to Settings in the three-dot menu. From there we move on to profiles and synchronization. Here we see that Favorites, Settings, Addresses and more, Passwords, Extensions, and Collections can be configured to sync between desktop and mobile versions of Edge. But two items, History and Open Tabs, are currently grayed out, with “Coming” notes.

That could change in the next few days, so stay tuned for the latest sync options. Edge continues to improve every day and this is another example. We hope that in 2021 we can continue to show you the latest features of Microsoft Edge.

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