Microsoft Edge will start much faster than Chrome

Browsers are a very important part of Windows 10 software where users spend a great deal of their time. After Redmond introduced Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, they continue to work to improve the main issues with this software: RAM consumption and initial open time.

Microsoft is testing a new feature called “Startup boost”, which could translate to “Startup boost” in Spanish. The novelty allows Microsoft Edge to start much faster by performing certain browser processes when Windows 10 starts up.

Startup Boost, the necessary boost for Microsoft Edge

As we said, the Startup Boost function starts a series of background browser processes during the Windows 10 session. In this way, when opening the browser from the taskbar, shortcut or links other applications, Microsoft Edge will only have to load the application GUI.

Depending on the changes they posted to the Chromium repository, the feature will be optional and we will be able to activate it from Microsoft Edge, in system settings. When enabled, these processes will start running in the background with low priority. Therefore, they will have the lowest priority for the computer processor.

The reason why the implementation is optional is that, although it will reduce browser open time, it can increase computer startup by a few seconds. With this possibility, on computers with modest performance, we will be able to keep this small load when starting Windows 10.

It’s still unclear when this feature will arrive in the stable version of Microsoft Edge. However, he is expected to make an appearance on Canary and Dev channels in the coming weeks. This feature comes after Microsoft has advanced in the use of RAM memory through “dormant tabs”.

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