Microsoft emojis are also passed on to Fluent Design

We have already stated several times that Microsoft is implementing design changes in all its areas and this news is irrefutable proof of that. After seeing the interface and icon changes, it was emojis’ turn, and we couldn’t love them anymore.

Microsoft’s new emojis are now much more attractive

The reality is that Windows 10 icons were fine, but they were archaic with that black border covering everyone. They were raw and could be improved. Now we have new icons for Microsoft and Windows apps which have a spectacular design. The new emojis have a three-dimensional design and with much richer details. This way we have a renewed and much more attractive style that will look amazing in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Plus, as we already told you, Clippy is coming back in emoji form so we have that point of nostalgia in Windows and Teams.

For those of you who don’t know, there are over 1,800 emojis within Microsoft 365 and they’ve been working since last year to update them to a design more suited to Fluent lines. The Microsoft Design team indicates that it preferred to opt for a 3D design rather than 2D in order to animate the emojis. These emojis will be available in the next few months, but they took advantage of the so-called World Emoji Day to show us some of their work.

Among all these, they wanted to highlight five that show the new perspective on work, expression and intermediate spaces. It’s surprising how they even created emojis, which we left above designed for remote working. It looks like the Microsoft Design team has thought of all the details.

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