Microsoft finalizes support for multiple accounts in Teams

You probably have multiple Microsoft Teams accounts when you work. Indeed, we can work in several companies or use our personal account. But, we cannot switch between them comfortably.

Whatever your reason, it looks like the Microsoft Teams Windows 10 app is going to bring in support for multiple accounts. A new feature that will help us add an additional account and manage it without logging out.

Microsoft Teams will allow multiple accounts

Microsoft seems to be testing a new section in Teams settings. This will allow us to link or add additional accounts. Once you’ve linked your accounts to the desktop app, you can change your profile picture and switch between accounts or organizations right through settings.

The feature will begin rolling out to users later this year or early next year. But those of you who are testing drafts should receive it very soon.

In addition, Microsoft is testing another feature that will allow you to create custom pages for users. For example, we will soon be able to create a badge using the title, colors, images and even the language. It will help us personalize our classroom experience or express the corporate culture.

Another recently announced feature is support for enhanced invite links. Users added to a meeting via a meeting link will finally have access to discussions, files, notes and more. after the meeting.

To compete with Zoom and Google Meet, Microsoft has been working on adding essential features to desktop and mobile apps. For example, Microsoft is also planning to update the pre-meeting experience. Teams will integrate new options to change the audio device and camera.

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