Microsoft fixes a bug that corrupted the NTFS system

In January, we told you about a weird problem with NTFS, the Windows 10 file system. The failure was very easy and required us to have to repair Windows on the next boot. But luckily it looks like Microsoft managed to fix this error in the latest Insider Build release, Build 21322.

Goodbye NTFS corruption in Windows 10

The failure occurred while embedding a string, which could happen as part of a ZIP file, shortcut, or HTML document. After the operating system tried to access the file, it showed us the error “The file or directory is corrupted and cannot be read” and told us to restart the computer and check design using Chkdsk.

Now, as we previously expected, Microsoft has fixed this issue in version 21322 of the Dev Channel. If we try to replicate this failure now, we will find the message “The directory name is not valid” and it will stop marking the volume as corrupt. A relief for Windows 10 users who won’t have to suffer from this annoying issue, surely in the next cumulative update.

At this time, Microsoft has not said anything about this, but it is very likely that the next update will incorporate the solution to this problem. It’s more of an annoyance than a big deal, but a lot of people might find themselves in this situation when opening a web page. This may be an issue that Microsoft had to resolve.

Fortunately, the solution came fairly quickly, and barely a month after discovering the bug, the Redmond giant took action. We expect these types of bugs to be reduced as Microsoft continues to refine its operating system with several cumulative updates. We will be very attentive to the launch of the next update and let you know if it has been resolved.

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