Microsoft fixes the problem of forced restarts in Windows 10

Microsoft is finally fixing an annoying Windows 10 bug. This caused some devices running the October 2020 update to restart randomly. The tech giant also removed compatibility limitations. This should allow more users to install future feature updates.

No more forced restarts in Windows 10

In November 2020, Microsoft confirmed that some of the latest Windows 10 updates were causing critical issues with the Local Security Authority process for certain settings.

If your device is affected, Windows will start restarting randomly with a cryptic error message stating that your “Your PC will restart automatically”. You will have less than a minute to save your work. This could lead to data loss if you do not quickly save the jobs that you have opened in the background.

The good news is that the problem is very unusual and that a fix is ​​already available. This is what we can find out from the newly released support document.

The documentation states that the fix is ​​included with the latest updates and users will not find the bug critical as long as they are using the latest version of Windows 10 version 20H2.

Microsoft also released the update lock, which prevented the October 2020 update (version 20H2) from being offered on some computers. The move will also allow the tech giant to deliver the next update named “ 21H1 ” to more users.

In addition to the forced restart bug, Microsoft has also started implementing a fix for an issue that removes passwords. When this happens, Windows will automatically delete application and website logon sessions after restarting the computer.

Anyone with a browser authentication and cookie issue will be waiting for a resolution soon. However, Microsoft clarified that it is still testing the fix with Windows Insiders and that the fix will begin rolling out to the general public soon.

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