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We’ve been bringing you news from Microsoft lists for a long time. These lists designed to our liking come from SharePoint and since their separation they have continued to grow. Now, after a trial period on iOS of a few months, the official Microsoft Lists app is now available.

Microsoft lists are now with you

Until now, if we wanted to follow or work with our Microsoft lists, we had to look to PowerApps. Otherwise, we could try it through our smartphone’s browser. Of course, the experience at least with the browser was not the same.

Microsoft has announced the availability of the lists for iOS and we hope they will arrive on Android very soon. We’ve downloaded it already and the design follows that of other Office apps. With the featured articles at the top and a list of other articles below.

Also, as you can see from the pictures, the app has arrived on iOS incorporating the dark theme. This way, we don’t have to worry about it bothering us after a certain time of day. Without touching the settings, Microsoft Lists adopts the dark theme of iOS.

Great job from the Microsoft Office team in creating this app. If you like Microsoft Lists or are curious, we can make a video on the uses of Microsoft Lists. This way you can enjoy even more of its use from your iPhone and soon from your Android device. It continues to surprise how Microsoft has managed to deliver high quality service by extracting it from SharePoint.

Although in SharePoint it has had some use, as a standalone application we will see how its use and functionality takes off. We love to see how Lists continue to grow because, as you can see, this is essential for us from the moment of its launch. We’ll let you know when it’s available for Android.

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