Microsoft Forms is updated to format text

Forms has grown considerably in recent months and now incorporates key features. In January, Microsoft announced that the ability to format text in Microsoft Forms would arrive this year. This is a very important capability in investigations because it allows us to point out what is most relevant. Now the deployment of this functionality begins.

Microsoft Forms now supports bold, italic, or underlined text

In a survey, we often want to focus on some content. In the question, you can help us highlight what we want the respondent to consider. This is why the possibility of including part of the text in bold, italics or underlined is very relevant.

To be able to access the text format in Forms, it’s very simple. We just have to select the text we want to highlight and this little box in the image will appear. From this moment we can choose how to highlight our text.

But we can also format the text using keyboard shortcuts, the usual ones we’re already used to. Be Ctrl + B to write in bold, Ctrl + I for italics and Ctrl + U to underline text.

As always, this feature is rolling out gradually and if it’s not available you’ll have to wait a few days. The full deployment should be ready by the end of May. Additionally, this functionality will reach all Microsoft Forms users.

Microsoft Forms is becoming a very interesting alternative to classic Google surveys. Plus, the ability to print forms, export responses to Excel and more makes this tool more useful on a daily basis. We look forward to continuing to see improvements and integrations so that we can get the most out of Microsoft Forms, whether at work or in a more educational setting.

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