Microsoft Forms quiz sharing just got easier

It wasn’t that long ago that we depended on Google or doing a Doodle to be able to do surveys comfortably. However, Microsoft Forms has come to offer an additional alternative. Forms has been with us for a few years, and now a requested feature since 2016 is finally here.

Easily share Microsoft Forms quizzes

The request in 2016 was very simple, it was requested that the questionnaires can have an abbreviated or shortened link. This simple thing took longer than it should, but it’s already started to hit users.

As you can see, we have different ways of sharing a form, by means of a short link, by means of a QR code, embedded in a web page or by sending it by email. Different options to adapt it to our needs.

With the inclusion of the shortened link, it is easier to be able to share it even on social networks without taking up half of the post. Lately Microsoft has been promoting Microsoft Forms and this is just one more example.

We remind you that Microsoft Forms is now available not only in professional and educational accounts, but also in Microsoft accounts. In this way, the Redmond giant finally competes with Google and its questionnaire solution. We are already showing you how it works and this time we are showing you a new feature that is highly requested by users.

So if you want to embed a quiz that integrates well with messaging and various Office apps, we highly recommend you try Microsoft Forms. An excellent solution for working with forms of all kinds. In addition, Compa allows teachers to better understand what students are thinking or if they have understood what has been explained. Very soon, we’ll see what new surprises Microsoft is up to in its surveys and forms app.

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