Microsoft invests in open source Linux with purchase of Kinvolk

Again, we’re talking about a purchase from Microsoft, but this time it doesn’t have the weight of its predecessor Nuance Communications. This time, the Redmond giant announced the acquisition of Kinvolk. We will explain to you what this company was working on and the interest of Microsoft.

Kinvolk, Microsoft’s investment in open source Linux

Today, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Kinvolk, a small German company with six years of experience but which has caught the attention of the Redmond giant. The goal that Kinvolk had and has is to create and improve Linux as open source and native technologies in the cloud.

Kinvolk is known for creating the Flatcard Container, an alternative to the CoreOS Container as well as the Lokomotive and Inspektor Gadget projects. A company with great potential under Linux and in containers.

The two companies were already working on some projects. They had already worked on Service Mesh, to offer Flatcar Container Linux on Azure. This has allowed most Azure customers to migrate from CoreOS to Flatcar. Lately they had also been working with Azure Kubernetes (AKS) service support with Lokomotive and Inspektor Gadget.

From Microsoft, they have already indicated that the Kinvolk team will work on the development of AKS, Azure Arc, and future projects that will expand the capabilities of hybrid containers. Finally, they also confirmed that they plan to continue to maintain and build around Kinvolk’s open source contributions. The companies will continue to collaborate with the Flatcar community and with the development of the container.

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