Microsoft is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI

It is very interesting to see how Microsoft has become a company that has transcended Windows. Their analytics and business intelligence (Power BI) solutions are not only garnering good reviews, but they’re also industry-leading according to Gartner. But the fact is that the Redmond giant has been running this sector for 14 years.

Key Analytics and Business Intelligence at Microsoft

Over the past two years, Microsoft has positioned itself completely to the right, which marks its grand vision in this area. But that does not guarantee a repeat as a leader, Salesforce or Google reinforce their strategy to compete with Microsoft in a very interesting market.

As we noted, Gartner doesn’t just praise the leader, there’s room for criticism or caution as well. Let’s see what Gartner has to say about Microsoft’s leadership in this area.

Microsoft’s strengths and weaknesses

First, Microsoft’s greatest strength is its commitment to align Office 365 and Teams and include Power BI in the E5 variant. This has led a large number of customers to bet on this type of solution. Plus, its integration with Teams means Power BI solutions are used daily, even remotely.

Another potential of Power BI is its price, it has been reduced but, without losing any functionality. The service offers endless functionality, including machine learning. In addition, far from being compliant, Microsoft continues to invest to expand its capabilities. The tech company has acknowledged that it has more than 80,000 customers using artificial intelligence within Power BI.

However, there is also room for criticism, Gartner notes that the on-demand version has some shortcomings, including dashboards, analytics data, and more. Suppose Microsoft takes a lot more care of Power BI in the cloud. Also, the flexibility to choose a cloud provider for IaaS is not offered.

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