Microsoft is already planning the next big leap in Windows 10

Windows 10 has been with us for 5 years, during which time we received a series of updates every six months that add new functions and improve other existing ones. Over the past couple of years we’ve seen how the pace of updates has changed from two big annual updates to one big annual and one much smaller, but that includes news.

The last one was that same October with the new start menu, the ability to change the update frequency from settings, or greater integration of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. A few months ago, it was reported that the update rate would change again taking advantage of the release of Windows 10X.

Windows 10 already has a Build 212XX

This week the compilation of the next big leap in Windows versions was reported. If we look at the path the Dev Channel / Insider Fast Ring has taken since the start of the year, we saw the passage of Build 196XX which corresponded to 10X. This was postponed until next year, so the version was dropped and moved up to 20XXX.

Here we have seen some of the new features that are coming such as the new start screen, a new touch keyboard or the redesigned emoticon panel. It is not yet confirmed that it will reach Insider users, but in a few weeks / months we will see the Dev stage at 212XX which is expected to launch in October 2021.

Microsoft has made a series of visual changes since the early years to adapt it to Windows 10X and the new design direction in Redmond. Hopefully with this next version we will see the next wave of changes which, let’s remember, will give more consistency between different parts of the system.

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