Microsoft is already working on a consumer version of HoloLens

The Hololens remain the only mixed reality glasses to have reached a large number of companies and even the US military. With the second version, the mouse that the first version had was removed and it was allowed to act directly on the holograms. As much as it is something more common, it still feels like something science fiction. Now Alex Kipman is hinting that there might be a mainstream version.

HoloLens 3 will seek to reach new markets

In an interview with the WSJ with Alex Kipman, the father of HoloLens, he answered countless questions about the past, present and future of Microsoft HoloLens. This gave us a little insight into what your team is working on for the future of HoloLens.

Touch it – you know you want it. Or throw it, or dance with it, or whatever you can think of. # HoloLens2 harnesses a real-time physics engine along with careful use of light and sound to reproduce (and sometimes bend!) The rules of the physical world. 👽

– Microsoft Design (@MicrosoftDesign) May 13, 2021

Kipman said HoloLens are currently for frontline workers who need their hands to be idle. The Redmond giant has managed to make them present in 60% of Fortune 500 companies. But, a surprising 90% of Fortune 500 companies with more than 500 employees have already implemented them. They have had great success in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and architecture. HoloLens 2 sales have grown tremendously over the past 18 months.

But, it was also time to ask questions about the future of HoloLens, the alleged HoloLens 3. Kipman himself acknowledged that three areas of the current version need to be improved to make it a success, namely:

Improve immersion Improve comfort and social acceptance (Reduce our size to that of glasses instead of a helmet Increase the capacity of what we can do

Kipman acknowledged that they wanted every device not to be an incremental improvement but a team transformation. Something similar happened with the HoloLens 2, the field of view was doubled, the clicker was eliminated and the size was reduced allowing the front to be raised. In addition, the jump from an x86 architecture to ARM has been made.

And finally, I spoke with @akipman about Microsoft’s AR / MR efforts. He confirmed that Microsoft will definitely be making a mainstream AR headset. Https://

– Joanna Stern (@JoannaStern) May 14, 2021

That if, for the moment, Microsoft is in the design process. For now, it looks like we’ll have to wait at least a year, if not longer, to find out what your team is working on. HoloLens don’t have the same update rate and are looking for a generational leap as Kimpan noted.

Finally, he also indicated that beyond the industry, Microsoft also wants it to be something for consumers. This is the key to the success of mixed reality. Of course, it should show a drastic change from the current version of HoloLens. Kipman indicated that beyond immersion, they must weigh 90 grams compared to the current 500 grams. In addition, its consumption must be 2W compared to the current 8W. The idea is clear but it will take time for them to realize it.

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