Microsoft is preparing an event on “the new generation of Windows”

If you’ve been following Windows news for years, you’ll know that the second decade of the 21st century hasn’t been particularly good for them. The failure of its mobile operating system, the low adoption of UWP applications and the rejection of Windows 8 herald the worst. For years Windows has been in a deep sleep as Microsoft focused its forces on other successful products such as Azure, Office, and Teams. That dream is over, Windows is back, and there are two proper names: Windows 10X and Sun Valley.

Windows 10X and Sun Valley on the horizon

The first of these, Windows 10X, is a lightweight, secure, touchscreen operating system with the Web (Edge) at the center of it all. It was born to be the direct rival of ChromeOS and Google’s successful Chromebooks, whose sales exploded during the pandemic and already exceed sales of Apple’s MacBook.

The second, Sun Valley, is a Windows 10 update coming later this year. However, for Microsoft, it’s more than just an update. Sun Valley will be a “spiritual reboot” of the operating system. This will bring new native applications; a new design for the File Explorer, the Start Menu and the Activity Center and new functions such as the “News and Interest” widget.

An event necessary to reactivate the illusion

Now, a dedicated event to discuss all of these developments is looming on the horizon. According to Tom Warren, editor-in-chief of The Verge, this event will take place “soon”, without giving more details about it.

there won’t be much Windows news at Ignite this week. There is a session with @panos_panay, but Microsoft is planning to host a dedicated Windows press event soon.

– Tom Warren (@tomwarren) March 2, 2021

For his part, Panos Panay, director of Windows, indirectly confirmed the existence of this event when it appeared at Ignite 2021. “We have prepared new features and we have not yet talked about the new generation of Windows and of what’s to come. , but I can confirm that I am very excited. But today is not the day to talk about it.

That Panos Panay uses the phrase “new generation of Windows” cannot be a coincidence. There are many expectations for this 2021 and Microsoft is playing the future of its operating systems. At least one thing is clear: they are going to fight and they will do so with a decided bet with Panos at the helm. Let the show begin.

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