Microsoft is preparing new applications for Windows 10X

Windows 10X seems to change various features and applications. Which makes various modern UI components to stand out from the current Windows 10.

For example, Windows 10X removes Cortana on the first run experience. This means that we will have a faster and easier experience or animations when setting up the device for the first time.

Windows 10X will have a total renewal of applications

Windows 10X could be finalized in December and will be ready for manufacturers later this year or early next year. But the modular operating system won’t hit the market until spring 2021.

According to a leaked document, Windows 10X comes with various system apps, also known as default apps. This includes Microsoft Edge, Office Suite, Microsoft Teams, Tasks, Photos, File Explorer, Camera, Calculator, Alarms & Clock, Movies & TV, Paint, Music Groove, Notepad, Contacts, Messages, and the Learning Center.

Since Cortana is not an important application in Windows 10X, Microsoft will use the built-in “Learning Center” (currently known as the Tips app) to highlight concise explanations of how to perform tasks. tasks in the new operating system.

In a new screenshot posted to the current Tips app, Microsoft has confirmed that the “Learning Center” is the same tips app with a new user interface and more information.

With the Learning Center, PC makers won’t need to create tutorials to help users learn the new Windows 10X experience. This new application, which will be integrated into the operating system, will teach you new aspects in a clean and straightforward way.

Other preinstalled apps include weather, voice recorder, contacts, Spotify, Netflix, capture & annotation, and up to 4 OEM apps. For example, if we buy a Windows 10X device from HP, you can expect it to come pre-installed with the HP support tool.

UWP, PWA and Microsoft Store

Windows 10X will be limited to apps available through the Microsoft Store, such as UWP and PWA. The operating system is said to be lightweight with a heavy emphasis on web applications. So we can expect it to come pre-installed with Office PWA.

This system will rely heavily on PSYS and UWP after Microsoft removes support for VAIL, the virtualization technology that would have enabled Win32 applications.

Business users will be able to stream Win32 applications using technology built into Windows Virtual Desktop. It will only work when we have an internet connection. If you want to run a Win32 app, it will need to connect to a web service, which will likely get paid.

We could see affordable Windows 10X devices in Spring 2021 (T2 / T3) that can closely compete with Chromebooks.

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