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Microsoft Launcher Beta got some improvements in the latest update. This includes the layout settings in preview mode. But the update also removed Windows Timeline integration.

For those who don’t know, Windows Timeline is a feature that allows us to keep track of our activities. On all of our devices so that we can keep track of the apps, web pages and documents we have used.

The timeline will no longer be available in Microsoft Launcher

The timeline is optional in Windows 10 and is also underrated. With Timeline and Microsoft Launcher, you can view currently open documents and windows on your computer.

Windows Timeline was originally supposed to offer the “resume where you left off” functionality and was added to Microsoft Launcher last year. The integration of Timeline into Microsoft Launcher allowed users to launch web pages and documents they were working on in Edge or Office on their PC, right from their mobile device.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released the Microsoft Launcher update for those testing the beta of the app and “removing the timeline.” Microsoft is also disabling family parental controls in the launcher.

This version is the update that will be shipping to users later this year and it also includes some much-needed improvements that could improve the overall experience.

For example, Microsoft Launcher now allows us to add apps to the home screen without delays or crashes.

Likewise, Microsoft has also made improvements to the application pool functionality. For those of you who don’t know, App Pool is a new feature of the Surface Duo, which also comes preinstalled with Microsoft apps, and basically lets you launch two apps on both screens at the same time.

In addition, the update comes with another change that will improve the paging user interface.

These changes aren’t revolutionary, but now you can organize your Android home screen more easily. This update is especially useful if you are having performance issues with Microsoft Launcher on Android phones.

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