Microsoft launches Sun Valley with Insider Build 21286

A new year, a new release arrives on the Insider development channel with new traces of Sun Valley. Specifically, Build 21286 arrives with design news, a new widget panel, and more that reaches out to all insiders on this channel.

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21286

– Windows Blogs (@windowsblog) January 6, 2021

What’s new in version 21286

News and interests directly on the taskbar

As of this release, and as a new example of what’s to come with Sun Valley, a news widget arrives on the taskbar. According to Microsoft, this content will provide a quick overview with updates throughout the day.

As with MSN News, we can personalize it with content that interests us. Specifically, the news will be:

Keep up to date: we can get headlines, sports news, weather and anything else that interests us with just one click. Up to 4,500 news sources will be available in this menu so we can choose what we like the most. Personalize the feed: Like with Google Discover, we can indicate that we like it, that we don’t like it and if we want it to show us more content. As with this style of content, it will improve as we use it. You decide: privacy is a very important point for Microsoft, so from this feed we will have quick access to the privacy dashboard. When using Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, its privacy controls will also apply. Also, if we’re not interested, we can turn it off without a problem.

When activating it, it will be necessary to install Build 21286 and restart after installation. As with all functionalities, it will be a gradual deployment, and above all, it will allow an evolution based on feedback.

For now, this feature will only be available in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and India.

Modern storage setup

Now we can manage the storage spaces from the configuration application. This allows you to create storage pools, storage spaces, add and remove disks, and optimize pools.

Run Windows Subsystem for Linux on Boot

The ability to run certain commands at the start of a Linux distribution has been added. You can edit the /etc/wsl.conf to add a command option in the boot section to run any command.

The command is executed as soon as the distribution of Windows Subsystem for Linux starts. You can see if it is running using wsl –list –verbose or manually shutting it down with wsl –shutdown.

Improvements when changing time zone

When the time zone is updated, a notification will be sent to indicate it. In this we will find what is the new era area that has been indicated. This will happen if it is certain that it has been changed.

If, on the other hand, there is not as much security, the same notification will be sent, but it will ask if the change is correct and if we want to apply it directly from the notification.

Build 21286 changes

Based on the feedback, the option to automatically disable the mapping of UWP controller apps to virtual key is added. If necessary, add the key with DWORD and the value 0: HKLM Software Microsoft Input Settings ControllerProcessor ControllerToVKMapping.

Build 21286 – Bug fixes and improvements

Fixed a bug where some Insiders would see the Your PC had a problem pop-up and would restart in 1 minute, after logging into Windows from AAD or AD in version 21277. Fixed an issue where they did not appear not disks in Settings> System> Storage> Manage disks and volumes. Fixed a bug where some printers would get stuck when connecting from settings. Fixed a bug where applications and web pages were closed when restarting the PC. Fixed an issue where the Windows Security icon would get too large in the context menu when right-clicking on taskbar icons. Fixed a bug where MediaTranscoder crashed with some files. Fixed a bug where audio playback from the UWP app would not stop after tapping the microphone icon. Fixed an issue where a VPN in network layout would crash when it needed action until you hit Cancel or reconnect. Fixed a bug that affected touch when adjusting windows using touch. The emoticon searches have been adjusted, including new ones. For example, typing lgbtq will suggest the rainbow flag. Fixed an issue where the magnifying glass read aloud options could not be clicked. Fixed an issue where the Narrator Upgrade Aid selector was disabled for Insiders. Fixed a bug where Narrator would not read Excel cells if the verbosity was 2. Fixed a bug where Narrator could not announce the time if a combo box was expanded or collapsed. Fixed an issue that affected the Narrator’s ability to read the names of certain hyperlinks. Fixed a bug that affected the Narrator’s ability to read code windows in Visual Studio. Fixed an issue where high rental would cause settings to close unexpectedly when accessing accessibility.

Known bugs in Build 21286

Some games like State of Decay 2 or Assassin’s Creed may crash when opening. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will not launch. We may experience some rendering / graphics issues when resizing certain windows. If you minimize all apps and reopen them, this will be fixed. 32-bit systems can lose connection with this version. If the Xbox Game Bar is open while using a text editor, the computer may stop responding. Miracast will not work properly in this version. Starting with build 21277, the Windows shell or explorer.exe may hang or hang. Construction may take some time to install. Aero Shake is disabled in this version. To activate it, we need to go to the registry editor and create a new DWORD entry with the name DisallowShaking with the value 0: HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Advanced. Live previews for pinned sites are not enabled for all Insiders so we can see a gray screen in the taskbar thumbnail. Microsoft continues to work to enable the new experience for websites pinned to the taskbar. In the meantime, we can detach it, delete the app, and re-pin it. The news and interests panel can show that we are offline even if we are not. At the moment, it is not possible to navigate in the presentation of news and interests using the keyboard. This layout may appear blank in some situations. You may not be able to hide the panel with touch or the stylus. The layout uses more space on the taskbar than you would like.

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