Microsoft Lobe, create your own machine learning model

We sometimes forget the large number of companies acquired by Microsoft. This means that nowadays we have to pull the newspaper library to get to know Lobe better.

Microsoft Lobe, Machine Learning on our desktop

In 2018, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Lobe, a company that focused on making AI easy to access through a simple visual interface. This made it easy for users to create apps that could understand gestures, listen to music, read handwriting, and more. All without writing a single line of code. This makes machine learning easier and helps us train models without writing code. After two years of acquisition, Microsoft today announced the public preview of Lobe.

Lobe is available as a desktop application for Windows and Mac. And he uses open source machine learning and transfer learning architectures to train custom machine learning models within our team. The current version of Lobe allows us to analyze images using image classification – categorizing an image into a single general tag. This is just the start, Microsoft is also working to develop more types of items in future versions.

It is important to note that Lobe does not require an internet connection or login. At this point, it will only generate the machine learning model. The Microsoft Lobe team is working on a collection of apps and tools to help run the model without any code.

“Lobe takes what’s sophisticated, complex technology and actively makes it fun,” said Bill Barnes, Product Manager. “What we’ve found is that it inspires people. This reassures them that they can actually use machine learning. And when you’re confident you get more creative and you start looking around and wondering, “What else can I do with this?”

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