Microsoft may lower the minimum system requirements for Windows 11

Just four days after the presentation of the new Microsoft operating system, we continue with the hangover of Windows 11. And one of the aspects that has the most impact on the new Windows 11 are the minimum requirements necessary to be able to update. Some requirements that seem to leave many users out.

There is no Windows 11 beyond 2017

With the launch of Windows 10, Redmond has done something amazing by announcing that their new update will be available to almost all users. Something that made us see real “coffee makers” moving the latest Microsoft operating system. Something that seems to have taken a heavy toll on Redmond.

That is why Microsoft has decided with Windows 11 to get rid of a lot of weight by introducing some update requirements that leave many users out. Specifically, anyone with a pre-eighth generation Intel processor known as Coffee Lake.

Windows 11 could reach Intel’s seventh generation

However, as we have already indicated knowing the minimum system requirements for installing Windows 11, with Microsoft, everything is not said. So, today the company took advantage of the launch of the first version of Windows 11 within the Windows Insider program to make an excellent announcement in this regard.

And is that despite the fact that the company remains in the minimum requirements announced, it opens to allow PCs with seventh generation Intel processors and AMD Zen 1 to upgrade to Windows 11. It will depend on performance and of the safety results that society will achieve. telemetry from Windows Insider program teams.

According to Microsoft, the 8th generation Intel and AMD Zen 2, Qualcomm 7 and 8 chips meet the principles of security and performance. Reason why the company has decided to set the minimum bar to be able to update. Although, as we have already indicated, the seventh gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 could end up making the cut as well.

Dicho esto, desde Microsoft también han querido dejar claro that si bien están abiertos a estudiar la seguridad y rendimiento en los anteriores chips, the company is fully aware that los quipos con Intel de sexta generación y AMD pre-Zen no cumplirán con las expectativas the company. This decision seems to have already been taken. What do you think of this news?

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