Microsoft News completely renews its interface on Android

We started the week talking about Microsoft News. The well-known Microsoft News app is updated in style on Android. A change in the application that breaks with what we knew until now. The new app incorporates a new design and icon modification inspired by a Fluent Design style.

Microsoft News is renewed on Android

The application follows the same design lines as Bing and renews an archaic interface. This radically improves the Android experience. We’re glad the Redmonds decided to change the design in this way.

On the other hand, it will also allow us to hide the sources of information, which is very necessary to choose how to inform ourselves. The new version is being rolled out for Android users participating in the test program. We understand that gradually it will reach other users very soon.

The reality is that Microsoft has to redo MSN. In its time, it was a reference and even today, it brings together many visits. However, its design, style and way of delivering news to us need to improve. We hope this is the first step towards a total renovation.

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