Microsoft News is renewed on iOS with a new design and icons

It seems that Microsoft is gradually recovering its interest in MSN. After having enriched it with the News and interests area and with Microsoft Edge, it is now renewing its application on iOS and the design is incredible. A brand new app with better load times, options and design. Following the design line of Bing on Android.

We tested the new layout of Microsoft News

The Microsoft News team has released a new app design for iOS. With a new interface, new icons and improved response. In general, a completely renewed application to bring us daily news on our iPhone.

As you can see, the app now has shortcuts at the top below the search bar. These take us to rewards, weather, news, information about Coivd-19, access to Microsoft Math, wallpapers, sports, translator or unit converter.

Microsoft News transcends the news and becomes a Swiss army knife of options. We will have access to a whole series of Microsoft services from the app. All with a design that adapts to the change of theme in iOS and that could only be improved if it included a widget.

It continues to surprise how much effort has been redoubled at Microsoft News. When it looked like MSN was being forgotten by Microsoft, we are now seeing great momentum on several fronts. Remember that MSN continues to be one of the most widely read news platforms in the world. It needed a touch up of sheet metal and paint and it has already arrived on iOS.

It looks like the Redmond giant is reigniting all of its divisions aware of the great potential they have or perhaps having ties to Sun Valley. We hope that MSN will regain all its former glory and we remind you that we are partners and that you can also read us on MSN.

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