Microsoft offers new startup sound for Windows 11

Microsoft seems to have fun releasing clues on Windows 11. This operating system will be presented on June 24 and will replace Windows 10. Today the Windows team returned to the charge with a curious video on its YouTube channel with a Fi-style slo-remix that captures Windows startup sounds from Windows 95 to today.

Windows 11 will be a visual revolution… and a hearing one?

This video shows us the startup sounds of Windows 95, XP and 7. As Jensen Harris who worked on Windows 8 development recently told us, it was decided to remove the startup sound because users were using more and more computers. in places like work or school, where starting noise can be annoying. Additionally, removing the code that loads Windows audio has been found to save precious seconds on startup.

Microsoft already makes a small reference to the Windows event on June 24 in the description of the video, which reads:

Finding it hard to relax because you are so excited about Microsoft’s June 24 event? Take a slow trip through memory with the startup sounds of Windows 95, XP and 7 slowing down to 4000%.

The clues on Windows 11 can be found in two places: the first is the duration of the video, which is exactly 11:00 am. Not a second more, not a second less. A victim ? Does not seem to. The second clue is found throughout the video. The code name for the new Windows 11 interface is “Sun Valley” (which could be translated into Spanish as “Valley of the Sun”). The video is full of sunny valleys like the ones we share in this image.

Source: Microsoft

It seems unlikely that Microsoft has decided to reintegrate a startup sound into Windows for the aforementioned reasons for its removal from Windows 8, which are still in full effect. Maybe we get a welcome sound on first boot, like Windows 10X.

It is clear that Microsoft places great importance on the future of Windows and they want to keep us awake and alert before the 24th. We can expect more videos and tracks like this as the days go by.

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