Microsoft Office for Android goes dark

Dark mode is here to stay. Users increasingly demand its presence in operating systems and applications because of the convenience it provides in low-light environments. Microsoft has long been betting on dark mode for its apps and services, and now it’s the turn of Office for Android.

The Office app has been around for a long time on iOS and Android, and combined as a hub, it offers one place to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Besides, it includes other cool functions like PDF scanning and converting text, whiteboards and tables to digital format.

Office bets on dark mode

Source: Microsoft

According to Sourab Nagpal (Microsoft PM), “Many people prefer to use dark mode because they find it provides a more comfortable viewing experience when reading and working on mobile devices.”

So far, only the Office app for iOS had this functionality. Dark mode will turn on and turn off automatically according to the system theme. However, the app also has a switch to activate it manually when we want.

This feature is being rolled out gradually, and it may still take several weeks for full deployment, so you shouldn’t get angry if it doesn’t reach you immediately.

Windows 10 also has its own Office app, although it is considerably less useful than its iOS and Android counterparts. Microsoft wants to end this and the first step will be to turn it into a web application that finally opens the files itself without sending us to the browser.

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