Microsoft Office for iOS now allows us to attach PDFs

We all loved the Office app when it first arrived, but the reality is we used it little. It is useful to give a general summary of our recent work and its design is sublime. But we could still get more out of it and the perfect example is the latest iOS update that also helps us beyond its function as an information viewer.

Office for iOS attaches PDFs and integrates a reading mode

In iOS, this application is a hub, as in its time in Windows Phone 8 but vitaminized. From this application, we can easily open Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Additionally, now with the latest update, currently only available to Insiders, we have some new features.

First, a shared view is built in to see content that has been shared with us from Outlook or Teams. This way we see not only our files, but also those that have been shared with us.

We continue with the possibility of attaching PDFs. Managing PDFs can be very tedious, in its day we recommend FormatPDF as a Swiss Army Knife to manage them, but for simple tasks like joining two PDFs we can now do it with Office. One way to encourage the use of this application and to give it new applications.

Finally, they have integrated a reading mode. It is something relatively simple that while reading a file we accidentally modify it. To protect documents and that we can only read them without accidental modifications, we have the new reading mode. This mode is active by default when opening files with Office Mobile on the iPad or iPhone. To edit the file, just tap the pencil or double-tap the screen. A series of new features that improve the use of Office from iOS devices.

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