Microsoft Outlook Adds Drag & Drop Support on iPad

Despite the fact that we talk every day about Microsoft Teams, and its many new features, the Redmond company is not forgetting the rest of its applications. And this time, we’re going to tell you about the company’s latest email and calendar client update for iOS, Microsoft Outlook.

Drag recipients and attachments with Microsoft Outlook

Redmond apps are undoubtedly geared towards productivity, and in that sense comes the latest update for Microsoft Outlook on iPad. And now with version 4.60.0 of the app we can attach files and pictures by dragging and dropping them from OneDrive, Files, Photos, Safari app or Attachments from the Outlook application itself from the split screen view.

And not just that. We can also drag and drop contacts from search to recipient list. An addition that will greatly facilitate adding recipients to our emails and sending attachments. Make the iPad OS a more complete operating system when it comes to managing our messaging.

This new function, when using the split view of the iPad OS, is only available on the tablets of the Cupertino company. IPhone users, despite using Microsoft Outlook version 4.60.0, will not be able to use it. What do you think of this new feature of Microsoft Outlook? What other additions would you like to make to the Redmond Company Email Manager?

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