Microsoft Pages also adapt to Windows 11

It looks like Windows 11’s design achieves what Windows 10 couldn’t, homogenizing the design beyond the operating system. The Redmond giant tried to bring Fluent Design to the web with its various elements and ultimately failed. Now with Windows 11 we are starting to see changes in this direction.

Microsoft user pages are adapted to Windows 11

The first point where we saw these changes is on the Microsoft support website. Where we can see our devices, our licenses and even in Rewards, we see changes. The visual style, although similar, has changes in this direction as can be seen.

Also, the subscription area is displayed in a different style, more in line with Windows 11. This is just the start and very soon we may see more changes in this direction. The Redmond giant wants its corporate design to be similar and it shows in every detail.

It’s interesting how round shapes and cards are developing now after many years since they were first introduced. We now hope that this translates into a final farewell to visual inconsistencies or elements from other eras. The Redmond giant must unify its visual image not only in Windows but in all its products.

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